As Twitchy readers know, several of Mike Bloomberg’s speeches from years past have surfaced that have the Left in an uproar today. Specifically when Bloomberg said some fairly racist things about young black men being criminals which inspired the #BloombergIsRacist tag. A good deal of people on the Right have also been tweeting on the tag MAINLY because of how many years the Left has spent calling THEM the racists in the room.

Matt Walsh shook his finger at Conservatives on the tag though:

Dana Loesch had some thoughts, especially with Bloomberg’s tie-in with ‘gun sense’.

Dana has been battling Bloomberg and his minions for years. Maybe listen to her.

Dude, walk away.

Contrarian farts and giggles.

This editor is so stealing that.

Any way you slice it, he’s a bigot.


There is literally nothing about Bloomberg’s statement that is defensible.

They never learn.