It’s FINALLY here.

And we mean FINALLY because it feels like the 2016 election never really ended since Democrats couldn’t accept the results when Trump beat Hillary.


So badly.

So very, very badly.

We never get tired of reminding Democrats they lost.

Anyway …

The first presidential contest of 2020 takes place Monday night (tonight!) with the Iowa Caucuses. This year Twitchy is partnering with Decision Desk HQ to bring you live election results, so come back here tonight to keep up as the tallies come in.

And boy howdy, tonight could be crazy, especially if Bernie Sanders does as well as polling has indicated. He certainly seems to have some serious de niro on hand:

We’re sure the DNC is just thrilled with these numbers.

Like they’re thrilled with Bernie himself.

Totally and completely.


Stay with us, folks.

Seriously. This will be a hoot no matter what PLUS just think, you can get actual results, Twitchy style.



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