We must really like you people to sit through this sort of garbage from Kamala Harris so we can write about it. You guys remember Kamala, right? She wanted to run for president and totally boffed it.

Botched it. Not boffed it.

Our bad.

Anyway, Kamala seemed very upset about the idea that the Senate will not be calling any more witnesses for Schiff’s Sham aka the impeachment trial, so upset in fact she accidentally made the case NOT to call new witnesses.


Funny how Kamala claims it’s the Senate Republicans who are rushing things. Did she not see what happened with the House? And PLEASE, she needs to stop pretending she knows what the American people want. She doesn’t speak for this editor …

And did she just say there has been no evidence produced?


Didn’t you hear?

They really can’t.

And she’s a lousy senator.

Makes sense.

It’s the one thing she was right about.

So kudos, Kamala.