If you think bot armies are out to get you on Twitter it might be time to put the social media down.

Are there bots on Twitter? Yes.

Are they being ‘unleashed’ on Lisa Page? *eye roll*

Just to put the whole Bot Sentinel thing into perspective, they accused this editor of being a bot. Sooooo we would take anything they have to say with a grain of salt since the last time this editor checked she was indeed NOT a bot.

From lawfareblog.com

More than one in four of the replies to Page’s tweet come from accounts likely to be trollbots. Of the 3,891 accounts that replied to her tweet, a staggering 28.42 percent of them received Bot Sentinel “Trollbot rating” of 75 percent—the threshold for accounts that we classify as “alarming.”

We classify accounts using a four-tiered structure, with a percentage calculated to reflect how likely it is that the account is a trollbot: normal (0-24 percent), moderate (25-49 percent), problematic (50-74) and alarming (75-100). We calculate an account’s score based on several factors, including an account’s propensity to retweet known misleading news and to engage in repetitive bot-like behavior.

Only the worst accounts receive a rating above 75 percent. Such high a rating is indicative of an inauthentic account that participates in coordinated swarms on a particular tweet or user.


And who decides what is ‘misleading news’? If that’s the case, anyone tweeting out CNN should definitely score as a trollbot.

These people.


But it’s a bot army! TRUMP BAD!


Whoda thunk allegedly plotting with your boyfriend to block a duly elected president would make so many people angry, Lisa?




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