Bill Kristol’s newest project, The Lincoln Project, announced the nonpartisan group of patriotic Americans on their leadership team.

Wow, the first person we think of when someone says nonpartisan is totally Tom Nichols.

And then Molly Jong-Fast.


They’ve got to be kidding, right?

From The Lincoln Project:

Today the Lincoln Project announced a new list of Senior Advisors, including Sally Canfield, Chip Felkel, Molly Jong-Fast, Sophia Nelson, Tom Nichols, Tara Setmayer, and Chris Vance.

These advisors represent a broad coalition of patriotic Americans ready to put country over party and work together for the good of our nation, regardless of political differences.

“The Lincoln Project represents millions of Americans who know the truth about Donald Trump; that he is a corrupt, hypocritical narcissist who will destroy everything in his path – including our Constitution – to expand his power and personal wealth. We are proud to announce today that our non-partisan coalition of leaders is growing,” said Jennifer Horn, of the Lincoln Project.

“Defeating Donald Trump is not a partisan campaign issue,” said Tom Nichols, national security expert and former Republican US Senate staff member. “It is a call to all Americans to defend our Constitution. That is why I am proud to be a part of the Lincoln Project in this critical effort.”

Because any candidate the Democrats put up will totally defend the Constitution.

Holy Hell these people are blind.

Or they think everyone else is.

Seems their entire mission is to make sure a Democrat is in the WH.

That seems sorta partisan to this editor.

Annnd this editor is dead now, thanks for that.

But Lincoln!

The ‘Never Trump’ universe.




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