When one grown man sends another grown man a DM like John Fugelsang sent Kurt Schlichter … you’ve gotta just point and laugh. We’re not entirely sure what John’s end-goal was here with sending Kurt a DM he knew he’d share (and that would only get him mocked) but here we are.

Anyone else think it’s a little strange that John is lecturing anyone about Christ and Christianity?

This is such an odd way to insult and try to dunk on Kurt. Yup, he shared it, but it really just paints John in a strange light. What’s he trying to get out of this? He had to know the only thing that would come of it was a good deal of mockery and teasing … at his own expense.

But hey, whatever floats his little boat.

We love Kurt’s response. #Caring

It’s … so beautiful.


You’re a mean one, Mr. Schlichter.

Hrm … that doesn’t quite fit.


Capitalism for the win.

Ugh, that just sounds dirty.


Whoa-oh-oh feeeeelings.

Don’t look at us, man, we just work here.

Woke up with him on his mind.

And stuff.

Hey, not judging.



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