Joe Scarborough has one of the biggest and most embarrassing ‘buts’ we’ve ever seen …

And no, we’re not talking about his gluteus maximus.

Gross. Sorry ’bout that.

Check out this ‘but’ that Byron York was good enough to point out so none of us actually have to read the crappy article in the Washington Post:

So no one should ever compare Trump to Hitler BUT Trump is just like Hitler.

K, Joe.

Stay classy, dude.

Comparing Trump to Hitler is a lot like when these same idiots would call anyone who disagreed with Obama a ‘racist.’ And just like ‘racist’, the Left is really taking away from how absolutely horrific and evil Hitler was … not that they care as long as they get their talking points and dunks on the president in.

There ya’ go.

WaPo really is a crap outlet, this is true. Perhaps if their writers would act more like journalists and less like activists?

Just a thought.


Sort of like saying, ‘With all due respect,’ thinking that somehow makes everything one says after that phrase AOK.

We’re not entirely sure that it’s DEAD but it’s definitely on life support these days … as in dying.

Hey, as long as you hate Trump enough they’ll pretend you’re a total intellect worth publishing.

It’s all about fear-mongering, yup. That’s how they ‘convince’ folks … and it sadly works every time.


Standard Joe and the WaPo.

That about sums it up.



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