If you find yourself praising monsters like Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini as a way to dunk on Trump it MIGHT be time to put the Twitter down.

And go outside for some fresh air.

Reset your brain because it’s clearly lacking oxygen or something.

Then again, Tom Nichols could be trolling again (he himself has all but admitted he’s just an annoying troll now), but wow …

Tom thinks he’s talking to an ‘equal’ in Rachel Bitcofer and in a sad way, he is.

Yeah, dude.

Ooh, ooh, who can use more big words?! Go Tom go, you got this.

She’s not using as big of words as Tom so she’s clearly not as smart as he is.

Or something.

He so badly needs to believe these things. Otherwise, he has to admit he doesn’t know everything … or anything for that matter.

It’s unfair to compare monsters to Trump NOT because they are monsters, but because Trump isn’t more ‘organized’ and deliberate in his evil.


We read a lot of stupid on Twitter but this takes the cake.

It’s unfair to Hitler.

And they wonder why people hate them.

Imagine hating Trump SO MUCH you see any sort of positive or good in Stalin …

We got nothin’.

There is not enough help out there …

It really is.

And that Tom can’t see he behaves a lot like Trump with a thesaurus is perhaps the ‘sickest’ thing of all.



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