Max Boot has been named the Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year.

Lucky fella.

From the FreeBeacon:

Ernest Hemingway defined courage as grace under pressure.

One might think a terrorist detonating a suicide vest with his children in tow rather than facing sweet American justice did not live up to Hemingway’s description.

One would be wrong.

Just ask Max Boot, the Washington Post columnist who wrote upon the demise of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: “The assertion that Baghdadi died as a coward was, in any case, contradicted by the fact that rather than be captured, he blew himself up.”

Talk about reporting.

Talk about prose.

Such bravery.

Annnnd now we’re dead.


This is freakin’ brilliant.

Trust us, you’ll want to read the whole thing.

Maximum Booted.


To be fair, many of us in any sort of conservative media have lost our minds a little bit over the past few years … it happens. But this, this was brilliance.

Sheer brilliance.



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