Mitch McConnell is sick of the Democrat’s shiznit.

We don’t blame him.

He responded to Nancy Pelosi withholding the articles of impeachment from the Senate until she gets her way in a short and not-so-sweet thread that made this editor fist-pump.

Is Mitch calling them ‘chicken’ because we kinda sorta think he just called them all chickens.

This is so great.


You know, if Nancy’s face still moved at all we’re pretty sure this thread would have made her frown a little.

It’s almost like they painted themselves in a corner and thought pulling the whole, ‘We must protect our country and democracy’ dreck would somehow work. But they underestimated how much attention normal, everyday Americans have been paying to their little circus and very few people who didn’t want him impeached because ORANGE MAN BAD are buying into it.

This has been a YUGE mistake for Democrats.

They can’t stand it.

And he did it in thread-form. God love him.

Stay tuned, this is going to get so good.



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