Mollie Hemingway ain’t playin’. While plenty of media types are talking about what a joke this entire impeachment thing has been and is, she wasted no time actually pulling together an article highlighting exactly WHY this is the weakest impeachment in U.S. history.

In other words, Mollie has receipts.

From The Federalist:

President Donald Trump joined Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson in the club of impeached presidents Wednesday night. Like the other two, Trump will be acquitted by the Senate once the articles of impeachment are delivered.

The case for Trump’s impeachment is the weakest of the three. If we include Richard Nixon, who resigned on his way to impeachment, it’s the weakest of the four.

The four reasons Mollie gives for Trump’s impeachment being the weakest in U.S. history are:

  1. No Actual Crime
  2. Punishing Trump for Exercising Constitutional Privileges
  3. Bipartisan Opposition Instead of Bipartisan Support
  4. Failure to Do the Work

Nailed it. Their impeachment feels like a half-a*sed homework assignment that a student turns in hoping the teacher won’t realize they didn’t do the actual assignment. Except in the Democrats’ case, they refuse to even turn the assignment in.

Fake news.

Fake impeachment.

This works.



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