If we are to believe the mainstream media, Trump is the single most evil, unpopular president in the history of the entire WORLD and Americans can’t wait for brave Nancy Pelosi to protect the Constitution and our Democracy by impeaching the mother effer. Now, if you’re like us and know the media is often very full of it and biased (hello WaPo reporter wishing everyone a Merry #Impeachmas) you know they’re wrong about what most everyday Americans think about the president.

But unfortunately, the media still report in a way that supports their narrative versus the reality of this country because that’s what they think works for THEM.

Ben Domenech posted a very good thread challenging the centrist media after Gallup showed more Americans oppose impeachment than support it.

We’re guessing they don’t.

And yes, they should.


Centrist media.

This is so good.

You’d think but since they became activists instead of journalists that all changed.

Or he’s being facetious because they claim not to be biased.

We’re not counting on them reading this thread, and if they do they’ll just shrug it off and pretend they know better.

It’s who they are.



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