Let me start out by saying I tend to be somewhat of a Grinch myself about the Hallmark Channel and their 24/7 Christmas movie marathon mainly because it replaces my Golden Girls which I watch almost religiously because I’m weird like that. Don’t get me wrong, the fluffy, happy, smoochy movies are ok to watch, and since my 14-year-old daughter loves them I will watch with her, but if it’s up to me I don’t watch this channel much from Halloween to the New Year.

That being said, watching a bunch of frothy-mouthed rage harpies who probably never watch claiming they are going to boycott the channel for pulling an ad featuring two brides kissing makes me want to put the channel on out of spite.

Is it? Or is it a channel listening to their viewers?

You know, the people who actually watch the channel?

Unlike these folks:

Then. Don’t. Watch.

This is simple.

Ding ding ding.

OMG, this freakin’ guy. Nazi Germany?

Didn’t he lose his job for something really creepy and skeezy? Hrm.

But look out Hallmark Channel, he’s not watching!


And there it is. Do I think they should have pulled the ad? Probably not (really, it’s not a big thing and gay people kiss and get married every day) but at the same time do I think it deserves ANOTHER boycott?

God no.

Some day these folks who boycott over everything will figure out that their boycotts mean nothing … until then I suppose all we can really do is point and laugh.

And watch the Hallmark Channel.

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