As a Twitchy editor I read a LOT of horrible tweets but I gotta tell you, this tweet from John Harwood about AG Barr is one of the nastiest and vilest tweets I’ve read in a long time. And keep in mind, I cover Ron Perlman and Tom Arnold.

You can tell they’re getting really nervous with how badly the impeachment circus is backfiring on the Democrats and the fact Barr came out almost instantly with a statement disagreeing with Horowitz’s report. To be honest I’m not surprised they’re going after him, but I didn’t expect them to go for the jugular like this.

Yeah, I know, I should know better.

Look at this.

What in the absolute Hell!? This is really awful, even for Harwood.




That. ^

Harwood couldn’t care less.

Who? Oh yeah, Harwood.




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