The New Republic is looking for a full-time identity writer.

So does that mean they’re looking for someone to sit around and complain about how unfair life is because they are whatever identity they identify with for that day? A white privilege thing? No?

Would be a great gig for a Conservative.

Oh, wait.

From the New Republic:

The New Republic is expanding our team and looking for an experienced full-time writer for a forthcoming vertical devoted to issues of race, gender, and identity in the American political scene. Traditional debates on the left about the place of “identity politics” versus claims of universalist income and social support have proven increasingly obsolete under a hard-right governing regime that indiscriminately wages class- and identitarian-war on what it takes to be enemy populations. Now more than ever, the politics of class and identity must be affirmed jointly as the politics of resistance and liberal-left revival.

A perfect job for me, don’cha think? I’m sure they’d totally consider me what with my nearly four years of professional writing experience and knowledge of media and identity politics.

If not for that whole Conservative thing, right?


Whoa, clever.

This cat’s writing would totally fit right in over at The New Republic.