I love this.

So much.

When the worlds of politics, entertainment, and disability awareness collide I am in my happy place. Patricia Heaton shared a lovely story about a man with autism who decided to open his own coffee shop when no one else would hire him. Employment is such a huge part of being an independent and EQUAL member of society, and when people with developmental disabilities go to work everyone wins.

True story.


Michael gets it.

And he hopes to hire more people with disabilities.

Like I said up there, everybody wins. Having a job, contributing, and seeing value in your ABILITIES is such an important part of being equal, and at the end of the day that’s what we all want.

Not to be special, but to be equal.

Right? Sign me UP! Bring on the caffeine!

There is a movement in the disability community called, ‘Employment First,’ and there is as small off-shoot of entrepreneurs out there just like Michael, using their skills to form their own businesses.

Good stuff.

Thinking our whiny friends on the Left who want the government to do everything for them (and give them everything) could learn a thing or two from Michael.

Just sayin’.