Giving back may be a sign that you took too much.


Anand Giridharadas seems to think the co-founder of Home Depot donating literally tens of millions of dollars for scholarships is somehow a bad thing. He’d probably be super thrilled if the government had taken this amount from him for the whole ‘free college’ joke, but since Blank did this himself it’s not good.

I’ll never understand how anyone can think forced charity is the way to go.

Took too much?

That implies Blank didn’t earn it and somehow took it from someone else …

Why am I reminded of the ridiculous talking points from the Left claiming, ‘You didn’t build that’? You remember that guy, right? The one who left office a multi-millionaire?

Interesting how the people ‘preaching’ about taking too much are usually giant hypocrites.

Like Anand.

At least $10k to listen to him speak?! DUDE, that’s taking way too much.



It’s never enough. Nope.

I see what he did here.

Ding ding ding.

Brandon gets it.

And that about sums it up.