If people have to use a narwhal tusk and a fire extinguisher to stop a POS terrorist you KNOW something is broken in their city. And that’s exactly what happened in London.

Imagine if they were allowed to legally arm themselves as is their inherent right?

Colonel Rob Maness (retired) used this experience to explain the importance of the Second Amendment not only for the individual, but for a ‘free society’ as well. I know, anti-gun people still won’t ‘get it,’ but it’s so good I had to share it.

Maness just nailed it.

There’s a reason the founders made ‘bearing arms’ the second amendment on the list because they knew all too well how important it was for ‘the people’ to be able to fight back. Of course, they had no way of knowing what sort of evil we would face in this day and age, and yet their wisdom transcends. Sure, they were thoughtful enough to think about protecting this country from enemies both foreign and domestic, but again, ISIS is a level of evil they could never have foreseen.

And yet …

An armed society is a polite society.

And a safe one.

And a free one.

And one where people don’t have to pull narwhal tusks off business walls to defend themselves from terrorists.

Apparently it was on the wall of a business? Yeah it was far more interesting to think some guy (or gal) was just wandering around with a narwhal tusk on their person but nope. What, you guys don’t carry around narwhal tusks? Psh, that’s why my purse is so big … KIDDING.

Truth be told, it was a pretty damn good weapon but still not as good as a firearm would have been. There is no greater equalizer.

When leadership fails the people have to be willing to step up and do it themselves.

Not to go hunting.

Sorry, gun-grabbers.

Sadly, this is a problem we have here in America and not just because of our elected officials. Far too many bureaucrats remain in positions where they believe they know best and even when we disagree we don’t have the ability to vote them out. This has never been clearer than what we’re seeing with the information coming from the impeachment hearings. I know, Democrats were actually trying to hurt and remove Trump but really all they’ve accomplished is showing us what’s really going on behind the so-called curtain, and it ain’t good.

Patton wins.

Every time.