Between this tweet from Seth Mandel about ‘How to talk to your family about Tom Nichols this Thanksgiving’ and that whole Indian food debacle, Tom is having one Helluva a week, and not in a good way.

We suppose we’re not overly surprised to see tweets like this from Seth after Tom has spent several years now talking down to the masses and smugly dissing middle America, and all because he hates Trump.

It’s not a great look.

We did snicker a little.

Ouch. And sadly that’s the real issue here. Many of us on the Right (this editor included) used to look up to Tom but since Trump won he’s been an unbearable blowhard crapping all over anyone and everyone who disagrees with him.

Not to mention his hating on Indian food didn’t make him any friends on Twitter either.

Yummmm … chicken tikka masala.

Yes please.

Too late.

Winner winner Thanksgiving dinner.


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