What I’m thankful for is such a Thanksgiving thing to write (remember writing this ‘theme’ in grade school?). And sure, we shouldn’t just talk about the things we’re thankful for during Thanksgiving but it’s super easy to get busy with other stuff and let it fall to the wayside. Folks, when most of my day is filled with covering ‘ORANGE MAN BAD’ it’s hard not to pull my hair out and run screaming from the room (ok, I don’t really run anymore, it’s more like I jog but you get it) let alone sitting and thinking about how awesome my life really is and being thankful for the people, things, and even animals who brighten my days.

So here I am, writing a piece about what I’m thankful for because it’s Thanksgiving … WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE ME ANYWAY?!


Okay, here we go.

My Family.

My family is my entire world – they are truly my everything. You read so much about ‘tribes’ in this political environment but my family is my tribe and even when we’ve all been in the car together for too long and one child is screaming about the other child LOOKING AT THEM … I wouldn’t trade my ‘tribe’ for anything.

Hubby: My husband is my best friend and has been for over 22 years (I AM SO OLD). The first thing this man ever said to me was, ‘Don’t you ever shut up?’ I was smitten. He’s spent over two decades being my rock, my support, making me laugh, keeping me going when I felt like maybe I was too damn tired to keep it up … I’m telling you, as far as husbands go, this guy is really the best.

Kids: I call them Mini-Foo 1 and Mini-Foo 2, and they just smile when I do it. My daughter who was born three months early and my son who was born two years later to ‘heal’ me and be his sister’s champion. I never thought I’d be the mom of such amazing little people; God is good.

My Dog.

Casper. OOOOH, Casper. Did you know that when we first started talking about doing the Twitchy VIP thing one of the things people said they wanted to read more about when we surveyed them was MY DOG? Well, they said they wanted to read more human interest pieces and get to know more about the editors (masochists), but with me specifically, it was more stories about Casper.

And my endless war with the squirrels.

But mainly Casper. And what an amazing little pupper he really is … you all asked for pictures of him too so:

My God.

And what an amazing God He is. Amen.

My Country.

Even when I’m reading hundreds (sometimes thousands) of tweets from screeching Leftists calling everyone they disagree with white supremacists and literally Hitler I can’t help but think about how blessed I am to live in a country like America where these idiots can act like … well, idiots. Seriously, can you think of another country where you can come from absolutely nothing and end up with everything? I know guys, it’s easy to get down but remember, no matter how awful some Americans seem to be, America, as a country is, was, and always will be GREAT.

Squirrel wars.

Yup. I’m thankful for those little rodents from Hell, don’t TELL them. I’ll never hear the end of it. This past year when the squirrels first descended on my bird feeders it was frustrating, annoying, and yet hilarious to watch them every day in the backyard. And then having the opportunity to write about it on Twitter and making people laugh (at my expense of course) was so damn cool and such a great break from writing about politics. Yeah, they still make me crazy but if I didn’t have squirrels out there eating the suet I bought just yesterday in the shape of a raccoon (they’re eating his face!) whatever would I have to complain about?


Yeah, there are a few of you … you know who you are. *MUAH*




I love this stupid show.

No shame.

I do.

And it’s the last season! (sobs)

Good music.

The louder the better NOT because I’m hardcore but because I’m getting old and have a hard time hearing anything. KIDDING … sorta.

Organic milk.


Readers like you … yes YOU. Well, except for that one guy.

Folks, if you’re reading this that means you’re a Twitchy VIP member and while I’m immensely thankful for all my readers I am doubly thankful for you guys this year for believing in me and in Twitchy enough to support us on a financial level. Our readers make us who we are, and again I am more than thankful for every single person who takes the time to click and read (even if they get mad at me after they do), but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being VIP. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Ok, maybe not the ‘complete me’ thing but from the bottom of my evil, cold heart … thank you.

Welp, that’s it from FOO’s Corner for now. I hope you all have a blessed, filling, wonderful, amazing, Happy Thanksgiving and like me, are able to take some time and think about what you’re thankful for. As always, thanks for reading!

Sam ‘The FOO’ J.

PS: Thanksgiving RULES. Back off, Christmas.