Tweeps can now hide replies to their tweets on Twitter.

Yes, this is stupid.

Yes, this is Twitter.

I don’t get it, folks. If you don’t want people to reply to your tweets then why are you on Twitter at all? Why bother? Surely there are plenty of other opportunities for you to sit around enjoying what you write all by your lonesome. This is really something they thought needed to be done?



How about just giving people a freakin’ edit button? CRAZY RIGHT? Surely listening to their users and giving them the tools they’ve actually asked for is totally out of bounds for the givers at Twitter.

Other peeps seem to think this is as stupid as I do …


See, edit button.

This ain’t rocket science, Twitter.

Buck up little camper, right?

When has Twitter ever done anything that really had a point? My guess is some whiny blue check got tired of being ratioed for tweeting a dumpster fire of stupid so Twitter in their infinite wisdom rushed to their rescue and was like, ‘Here ya’ go wimpy little blue-check who can’t stand by your own ideas and probably cries yourself to sleep every night, you can hide the meanies on our site.’

Just stupid.

Dude, people can mute or even block people, they can even mute entire conversations.

This just seems … redundant.

And dumb.

Aces, Jack.


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