If you had told me, ‘Sam, one day in 2019 you’ll spend nearly 15 hours writing stories about a congressman farting on live television,’ I’d have thought you were insane. Ok, maybe not, especially if you told me this on Twitter … I suppose at the end of the day this really is a gift from the Twitter Gods, unless of course, you’re Democrat with a stick perpetually lodged up your backside and unable to see the humor in anything at all.

This was pretty freakin’ funny.

But definitely inexcusable behavior from a sitting representative on LIVE TV of all things.

@ComfortablySmug had a great idea …

Yes, the FCC really should do something about this.


It gets better though, folks.

Cause a stink.

Run out of gas.

This is real life, folks, and God Bless America.

In more ways than one.

Annnd we’re done here.



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