Evil men are the reason Elizabeth Banks’ crappy Charlie’s Angels reboot with crappy actresses and a crapy storyline flopped. It’s totally that evil men can’t deal with powerful women and has nothing to do with the fact that nobody asked for another Charlie’s Angels reboot. Drew Barrymore did a pretty fantastic job of recreating the popular series just 20 years ago … and I get it, Banks wanted to do the girl power thing but eh.

Focus on ‘Pitch Perfect’ movies, Liz.

Yes, blame men, that’s such a winning strategy. Will totally convince people to go see your movie.

Oh, wait.

Men just couldn’t deal with Farrah Fawcett kicking a*s and taking names back in the 70s.

Maybe the movie just sucked.

Just like that song she wrote for Hillary Clinton … you guys remember THAT?

Making a movie that happens to have strong women in it is very different from making a movie to prove women are strong. Banks doesn’t seem to understand the difference.

Make better movies.

Now there’s a crazy idea.

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