During Monday night’s episode of Jeopardy, a contestant wrote something wonderfully touching as his answer in Final Jeopardy that seemed to choke Alex Trebek up.

Which made the rest of America cry while #WeLoveYouAlex trended on Twitter.


Love this.

Jeopardy means so much to my family. We started watching it fairly regularly last year with our 14-year-old daughter, who just so happens to love the show and answer far more questions than her father and me combined.

It has almost become a tradition for us to sit around the TV, eating popcorn, and trying to outdo each other on each category, my husband hoping for ‘Comics’ or ‘The Broncos’ while the kiddo crosses her fingers for ‘Greek Mythology’ and ‘Literature’.

Yeah, she’s the smartest person in the room.

I love this time with my family (even my son jumps in), so knowing that Alex is so sick and still fighting such a tough battle, and then seeing this from Dhruv Gaur just broke my heart.

In a good way.

Gaur then wrote a thread on Twitter about writing the answer and why he did it (which made me cry all over again):

This was just exceptional.

We all were hurting for and praying for him.

Love this.

So much.

Huzzah Dhruv.


True story.

Editor’s note: Some contestants are working together to help raise money to fight pancreatic cancer. Take a look: