Matthew Dowd is a mean girl.

And what makes him even meaner is he plays like he’s this nice, peaceful, friendly guy but deep down the dude really is just a mean girl. Of course, we saw this months ago when he was so awful to Mary Katharine Ham but we suppose he needs to remind us every once in a while of just how passive aggressive he really is.

Like this gem of a tweet.

Trump also showed us who Dowd and the media really are in general. Partisan, snotty, self-serving, agenda-driven hyenas who only care about pushing stories that feed their own personal and professional bias.

Hey, this editor is totally a mean girl but at least she doesn’t pretend otherwise.

Greg Gutfeld took the prima donna down a few notches:

Almost spot on; Greg left out that Dowd blocks people first and then goes after character.

We’re not sure another Republican could have survived the onslaught we’ve seen the Left throw at Trump.

Word up.

Dowd does indeed like to block people, like this editor for instance when she blasted him after he was such an a-hole to Mary Katharine Ham and even blocked her.

For the scrapbook. ^



Same difference.

It would at least be watchable and entertaining then.

Dowd responded …

He’s just an innocent talking head ya’ know.

ALLLLL the eye-rolls.



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