You know the media are a total and complete mess when writers start contradicting their own outlets to promote false narratives.

This thread from Tim Pool is priceless, especially considering he’s probably one of the least biased media types you’ll find on Twitter.


Why is it we can’t get the scene from Godzilla where he says, ‘Let them fight,’ out of our heads?


But you know, orange man bad or something.

Don’t look at us, man, we dunno.

We just work here.

This is all such a freakin’ disaster.

Womp womp womp, Democrats.

Wonder if this is why Schiff’s eyes seem to be bugging out of his pointy little head more than usual.

Ok, so what if you cover the media for a living … will that make you go insane because if so that would explain SO MUCH.

Not a great look, POLITICO.



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