I see a lot of crazy anti-Trump tweets in my line of work and to be honest, I have read and covered some DOOZIES in the last three years so I thought to myself, ‘Self, why not put together a weekly collection of crazy so the rest of you can point and laugh with us?’

And here I am.

To be completely honest, it was super easy to find most of these tweets this week because Rob Reiner’s timeline alone is filled with enough crazy and unhinged to write one of these every hour of every day. Talk about Stage 5 TDS …

Look at this nonsense.

He’s wrong of course, but that didn’t stop nearly 54k other unhinged anti-Trump hyenas from liking the tweet.

Here’s another from meathead:

You’ve gotta wonder if Rob even sees the irony of babbling about the type of sociopath HE himself actually has become.

And speaking of a sociopath …

If anyone knows about bribery and extortion it’s the Left.

We couldn’t have a list of unhinged and annoying without Mr. Kellyanne Conway.

Notice how they never really get into specifics but only preen on with a vague and melodramatic word salad.

Desecrating it?

Oh, honey.

You guys, these are the people telling us ‘orange man bad’.


How the mighty have fallen.

Spoken like a true loser, Tom.

Ron Perlman is an expert on what it takes to be a scumbag. Remember when he accused Twitchy of being a Russian asset? Good times.

Right, it’s Republicans who are hiding the truth.

Keep telling yourself that, Adam.

Schiff For Brains is really reaching, but you guys knew that.

Debra is tweeting all in hashtags now … pretty sure that means she’s broken.

Yeah, I know, this is clearly not Tony’s most unhinged tweet but it was the only one that wasn’t filled with f-bombs so I’ll take what I can get.

Palmer Report’s day so far:

– Putting his Trump Derangement Syndrome on full display.
– It’s only 11:00 am

Hey, this fun!

Sing along with me … ‘Hello crazy our old friend, we’ve come to laugh at you again.’

Editor’s note: Hey folks, this is something I’d like to write every week (pointing and laughing at the haters seems to make everything better), so if you see a tweet that you think is totes unhinged and qualifies please hit me up on Twitter @politibunny, or shoot me an email: [email protected] Thanks for reading and being part of our VIP program, it means a lot! – sj

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