It’s one thing to be anti-Trump and speak out against the president here and there because there are Conservatives out there who still don’t totally support the president. But to actively work against the party not only in the presidential election but senators as well?

That’s beyond TDS.

Not even kidding.

From the Washington Post:

Democrats have a big selection of targets, high donor enthusiasm and a favorable map, but what will the messaging be about the Republicans they want to oust? Collins has already come under fire for her vote to confirm Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh.

She’s literally telling Democrats who to target.


Among the GOP senators being targeted by Democrats, with the exception of Collins all refused to override a veto of a resolution challenging Trump’s “national emergency” declaration and raid on Pentagon funds to pay for his useless wall. Tillis humiliated himself by writing a Post op-ed criticizing Trump’s action, and then reversing course when the veto vote was taken.

Stay classy, Jennifer.

She really should just admit she’s a Democrat at this point.

Otherwise …

Something like that.



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