Virginia turned blue on election day, and this editor still feels like throwing up.

A lot.

Forget that Democrats have promised to make abortion legal up to and including birth and have threatened to take guns from legal gun owners in the state … but the head Democrat in Virginia, Ralph Northam, literally showed the rest of the country how to accurately apply blackface.

Let’s hear it for the Democrats giving a bunch of racists control over Virginia.

Ugh, this guy is just unbearable. C’mon Democrats, even you have got to admit Ralph is awful and the only reason you didn’t call for his head when the picture of him dressed up in blackface or as a literal klansman was that he has a D by his name.

Yashar Ali called Northam out perfectly.

And yet Democrats still won.

That’s INSANE.



Unless a Republican was caught wearing blackface and then they’d be in the streets burning buildings down.


It did.

The dude literally started to show the country how he could moonwalk as well during that presser … EL OH EL.

At this point if we don’t laugh we’ll never stop crying.



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