We haven’t written about John Fugelsang for quite some time, so perhaps is was kismet that he crossed this editor’s timeline while debating with Dan McLaughlin about Katie ‘Bonkers’ Hill.

You know Katie. The elected official who’s been caught posting naked photos of herself to wife-sharing sites, who had a throuple with her husband and a staffer, was pictured hitting a bong, and who has an interesting tattoo that shall remain unnamed.

We’re not entirely surprised John is defending her:

Been awhile, John.

And give us a freakin’ break.

Dan responded:

Let’s hear it for Bill Clinton!

So he’s calling Dan’s article slut-shaming …

Alrighty then.

What he said.

But Dan never said he believed Katie was a slut which is basically what John accused him of doing. No one has ever accused John of having too much self-awareness.

It’s not like Dan is a huge Trump guy so John’s whole premise was flawed from the get-go.

Welp, this editor has been viewing the thread and we don’t see Dan distorting anything John said but whatever makes him feel better. And look, he even got in the last word.



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