Gotta love it when Project Veritas releases any of their videos shining light on those who would rather stay in the dark. But when they’re actually sharing footage captured inside CNN sharing bits and pieces about the outlet that’s totally a win.

A ‘chef’s kiss,’ if you will.

From watching this footage of Sr. Justice Correspondent Evan Perez, we’re guessing Joe Biden isn’t CNN’s ‘horse’ …


It looks bad, it smells bad.


Thanks for agreeing with us, Evan.

See, sometimes they get their reporting right (especially when they don’t mean to).

This can’t be good.

Fair point. But considering they weren’t exactly ‘reporting’ here?


Yes we do.

Of course not. They’re far too busy doing what Zucker directed them all to do, and that’s push impeachment stories.

Wonder what Project Veritas will drop next … *popcorn*


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