Trump’s White House condemned the #TrumpVideo that featured the president in a ‘Kingsman’ scene where the character violently destroys a bunch of ‘bad people’. Well, that’s the movie anyway; in the Trump video they were various Democrats and the media.

So still bad people.

Oh, settle down.

Anyway, Richard Blumenthal, for whatever reason, thought the WH condemning the video wasn’t good enough, so he took to Twitter to whine like a guy who once lied about his service in Vietnam.

Wait, he IS that guy who lied about his service in Vietnam.

But go ahead, Dick, tell us what does and does not have a place in our country.

Blah blah blah.


Newsbusters came out swinging, God love ’em.

You know what the nickname for Richard is, right?

It’s so fitting.


And this.

See Dick.

See Dick lie about his service.

Don’t be Dick.


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