Jonah Goldberg has been one of the most respected and reasonable voices in conservative media for many, many years, and especially since Trump won. Which is why this ‘gotcha’ attempt by Jessica Shortall (the ghost lady or whatever) seems like such a strange trolling attempt.

It’s not like Jonah has ever hopped on the ol’ Trump Train:

Why start crap with Jonah?

It makes NO sense.

Jonah was good enough to respond:

He even said please.

As we said, one of the more reasoned voices out there. Many people would have either ignored her or said something far less polite …


We hate to break it to Jessica, but if you’re going to try and dunk on someone like Jonah you have got to bring your A-game.

And this was definitely NOT that.

Wanna bet she just read the headlines and not the actual articles?

Tsk tsk.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

So it’s not just us … shew!

Something like that.


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