We knew the Democrats would eventually start eating one another, it is a primary after all, but this seems fairly snotty and even aggressive coming from Elizabeth Warren. Granted, she may not have been deliberately slamming the crazy guy who yells at the sky BUT it’s pretty freakin’ hilarious to think this was a dig.


May have more houses than you have.

Huh, who has three houses again?

Poor Bernie, everyone is always picking on him.

Super aggressive even.

It’s rainbows and lollipops … maybe a few butterflies mixed in.

Oh, and a giant, terrifying, overreaching, freedom-sucking federal government from HELL that wants to tell you what to think, what to say, and how to live your life. But other than that, lots of frilly, sweet, nice stuff.

And isn’t she super-wealthy too?

We’d like to think so … heh


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