Remember when Saturday Night Live used to be funny? Long, long, LONG ago … years ago. Decades even. And they had, ‘Deep Thoughts With Jack Handy’ which was a clever play on every inspirational poster, calendar, card, etc. ever.

Seems came up with something similar for AOC.


They’re AOC’s actual thoughts which makes this even funnier.

AOC loves this so much she made sure to tweet about it because she loves it and it totally didn’t tick her off because, like, Republicans like, underestimate her intelligence and stuff.

Like … ok?

Huh? This isn’t an ad … *sigh*

Clearly, the dude she fired was the brains behind her original tweets because this reads like every other ‘resist’ account on Twitter.

Especially the little emoji.

That’s true.


Like, right?

Good times.


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