James Comey thinks now that the IG report has come out the people who ‘defamed’ him should tell him they’re sorry.

Gotta give it to Comey, his ego and bluster are consistent.

Kimberley Strassel summed up the entire report and how damning it really is for Comey in one ‘bottom line’ tweet and she’s spot on.

A curious request indeed.

Join the club.

They love their, ‘Ok for me but not for thee,’ stances now don’t they.

Only the little people need to worry about obeying the law.

Looking at the report, and his response to the report, Comey definitely thinks he’s above the law.

Don’t look at us, man, we just work here.

That makes him guilty or something, right? Hey, the Left said as much when they got all excited because Mueller’s report didn’t exonerate Trump. You guys remember Mueller, right? No?

Welcome to the world of Intelligence Community in 2019.


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