Subtweeting Sharyl Attkisson with a lame-a*s Vox story is such a weasely, cowardly, nutless thing to do.

Which is why we’re not surprised at all that Tommy ‘Drove a Van for Obama’ Vietor did exactly that.

There’s just one problem with Tommy’s tweet (ok, there are several problems with his tweets but there’s one BIG one), and that is the fact the Obama administration did hack her computer. And hello, James Rosen? Congress?

And yet here Tommy Boy is, trying to discredit Sharyl.

She actually responded even though he didn’t have the cojones to tag her:

Then again all Obama really let Tommy do was drive a van around so maybe he doesn’t know better?

The wheels on the van go ’round and ’round … 

Tommy responded, sorta.


Wait, an Obama Bro not making sense?!

We’re shocked … SHOCKED!


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