As Twitchy reported earlier, AOC ‘tattled’ on Barstool Founder Dave Portnoy’s tweets about unions to ALF-CIO and before we could even catch our breath from laughing at the original exchange we looked up and AOC was still babbling about unions.

Which tells us she’s not really paying attention to her mentions.

Unless someone like Dominic Holden is telling her she’s 100% right … which is really just sad.

Yeah! Bad ol’ CEOs trying to intimidate their employees on Twitter.

The nerve.

Here’s the double-down:

TAKE THAT DAVE, you don’t wield all the power.

Unless of course they do but she’s on a roll.

AOC, honey, put the Twitter down.


Psh, we coulda’ told ya’ that.

And he offered so nicely too.

Shhhh … this is gold.

Join the club.


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