Over the past few days (weeks, months) it has become abundantly clear how absolutely batsh*t our good, delicate, tolerant friends on the Left have become since losing the election in 2016. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve known they’re off their rockers for years and years, but their desperation is starting to almost make them dangerous.

As was evident with Castro posting Trump’s donors on Twitter.

Jeremy Boreing, the self-proclaimed god-king of The Daily Wire, must speak jacka*s … err … Democrat because he interpreted their latest message for 2020 perfectly:

Matt’s Idea Shop had a similar take:

We like how they both signed off so sweetly.

Too accurate to be funny right now.

Awww, that’s right, they are the party that booed God.

Threats and intimidation.

It’s the Democrat way. *shrug*

Funny, ain’t it.

And not in a good way.


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