Michelle Ray is a popular libertarian on Twitter and has been a staple for over a decade. Her verified account, @GaltsGirl has thousands of followers and was even one we included in many articles here at Twitchy.

Then, ten weeks ago the account was hacked, and Michelle was locked out which wouldn’t be the end of the world if Twitter would help her recover the account or even respond to her requests about it.

That’s right, Twitter has done nothing to help her and won’t even bother to respond no matter who she has contacted.

You can bet your sweet bippy if this happened to a verified Lefty account it would have been fixed the day it happened.

Yeah, why Jack?!


It shouldn’t be difficult.

Michelle should be able to verify she’s the original owner of the account with her ID, and then finito. Account restored.

That this has gone on for weeks and weeks is unacceptable, NOT to mention how ridiculous it is that she can’t even reach someone at Twitter to help her.

How can one of the world’s social media giants be SO horrible at this?

Twitter, be better.


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