Man, Twitter sure likes to give bullies pretty blue checkmarks.

We had never heard of Evan Shapiro until yesterday when we saw him target harassing gay conservatives which Twitter, of course, has done nothing about. Looking at his bio it seems he has some connection with National Lampoon.

And spends a lot of time trashing people because you know, that’s COMEDY or something.

He was quote-tweeting various people trying to sick his ‘few’ followers on them … or what you call a ‘pile on’.


So he thought he was bullying a woman.

That’s adorable.

He was.

Evan apparently didn’t like another account, who happens to be a gay conservative, being too honest about Christine Blasey Ford.

Yeah, we know, you’ve seen this crap before but might as well give him the attention he so desperately desires.

He continued his targeting today:

Note, this editor’s account was locked a month ago for sharing a DM from a troll who called her a ‘see you next Tuesday’ and said he wanted her to die. Meanwhile, Evan here is allowed to target harass anyone he so chooses … with that pretty blue check.


Honestly, this guy tweets more than a high school girl who just figured out how to use Twitter, good luck making sense out of his timeline.

And it’s all pretty ignorant.


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