Nancy Pelosi claimed that Trump doesn’t want to make America great again. No no, she said he wants to make America white again.

Except there are so many stats, facts, and policies that prove otherwise. Heck, even the New York Times wrote a story about how well minority women are doing in the jobs race in a record economic expansion.

See for yourselves:

From The New York Times:

While the recovery has delivered uneven gains, Hispanic women have emerged as the biggest job market winners in an economy that has now grown for 121 straight months, assuming data released in coming months confirms continued growth.

Employment rates for Hispanic women between 25 and 54, prime working years, have jumped by 2.2 percentage points since mid-2007, the eve of the Great Recession. That’s the most of any prime-age working group. Black women came in second, adding 1.6 percentage points.

Gosh, that doesn’t sound like Trump is trying to make America white again to us, Nan.

Just sayin’.

Owning the libs by out-libbing them?


We didn’t know that was even possible …

Guess it is.


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