Would appear Tom Nichols wasn’t exactly impressed with Elizabeth Warren’s Democratic Debate performance on Wednesday night. Holy crap, stop the presses, we agree with Tom on something again … it’s been a while.

Warren seemed like she could’ve blown at any minute and to Tom’s point it was off-putting but then again all of the Democrats were pretty cringy last night so …

Media Matters’ Parker Molloy seemed angry over Tom’s tweet:

She was a little ranty BUT hey, whatever helps Parker sleep better at night.

Oh dear. Seems the little ‘bromance’ between the Left and Never Trump conservatives may be on the outs.

Way to go, Never Trump. The Left believes they are now entitled to your votes but hey, orange man bad, right?


We’re going to go out on a limb and guess Tom wasn’t a huge Santorum fan so we’re not sure this is the gotcha Parker thinks it is.

Yeah, you can’t trust those Never Trump guys!

*shakes fist*


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