If at first you say something really stupid, keep saying something even stupider.

That’s apparently the mantra for our new favorite blue-check troll who earlier today was telling Twitter he was coming for their AR-15s. And now he’s doubling down and trying to explain how the AR-15 is an assault rifle.

There’s nothing funnier (or more annoying) than a gun grabber pretending they actually know anything about guns.

Someone broke out a Google search.

That still didn’t help his argument much …

He’s quickly becoming a top contender in the ratio world which isn’t a great thing.

But wait, there’s more!

As you can see, Nate is sadly just an average blue-check troll with predictable and boring ideas. We’re still not convinced there isn’t some ‘Talking Points for Democrats’ pamphlet they pass around at coffee shops or Whole Foods.


Dude is a little late to the party.


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