Seth MacFarlane has seen the writing on the wall, and it ain’t good for Democrats.

Have fun with all of this, Seth.

Wait, he’s worried that Democrats are going to shred each other so badly that they end up beating themselves resulting in another four years of Trump? Gosh, who knew?

Oh, that’s right, most everyone.

When you have dozens of candidates who want to run for president and they all start attacking each other (looking at you, Bernie), it’s bound to work against your party. Ain’t that great?

Huh, not seeing a whole lot of sympathy here, Seth.

Yup, the ‘No no, I’ll give you the most free stuff’ battles have begun.


HA HA HA HA … gotta love it when they create their own monsters.

Tony seems upset.

This is almost as much fun as watching Seth begging Democrats not to fight with one another.

*more popcorn*

Would someone get our buddy Seth a tissue? Thanks!


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