If we had a nickel for every time Tom Nichols took it upon himself to shame the little people for wrong-thought we’d have a sh*tload of nickels. It’s really sad because Tom used to be someone this editor in particular used to look up to but his Trump Derangement Syndrome has all but made him unbearable.

Don’t take our word for it.

Oh, good, Tom is lecturing Republicans again … said no one, ever.

Former tribe? What is his tribe now? Turning the country over to tax-hungry pro-abortion Democrats? Because that sounds like a real winning plan there, Tom.

Tom is angry that Trump doesn’t talk down to people … like he does.

Plenty of people talk like Trump, the problem is Tom would never lower himself to actually engage in a discussion with them. His own warped bubble of reality has never been more evident than here.


You know what? We don’t wanna know.

And there’s the Tom we all know and love …



Painful, ain’t he?


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