We’re not 100% sure Eric Swalwell was aware that Barr had appointed John Durham to investigate the origins of the Russia probe before he went on with Laurence Tribe and bragged about how they were on their way to impeaching Trump.

Maybe this was why he was tweeting about eating peanut butter last night. WE’RE NOT EVEN MAKING THAT UP.

Dude is whack.


We know Eric is polling at like -1% and the only thing he really has to run on other than pretending he can grab all of our guns is this desperation to impeach Trump. For what, we’re not exactly sure. But hey, he’s passionate about whatever it is, we’ll give him that.

Lying liars lie. *shrug*


Best gif ever.

Impressive ain’t it?


A big one.

Psst … Eric, if you haven’t already you might want to look up John Durham. It’s worth a Google.


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