Is there anything funnier than watching Paul Krugman make a complete fool of himself? Well, wait, watching Alyssa Milano shrieking at Wendy’s because they were promoting spicy chicken nuggets in a tweet was pretty freakin’ funny.

You know what, let’s call it a tie.

If you’re a Twitchy reader you’re already familiar with this little tidbit of hilarity where Paul mocked Trump for giving a golfer the Medal of Freedom. Except, you know, those other times other presidents inducted famous golfers.


These media types will never learn.

And Brit Hume taunting Paul Krugman over his ridiculousness might be our favorite thing on Twitter in a looooooong time. You just know he smirked when he wrote this tweet.


Indeed, sir.

A for effort, Paul.

Or his ego is so massive he doesn’t think it makes him look as stupid as it does.

Which makes this even funnier.

Awww, that’s it.



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