Wanna see a triggered journalist? Look no further than this quote-tweet from Maggie Haberman who seems a teensy bit distraught over the fact that Trump dared to retweet Jerry Falwell Jr’s tweet about extending his presidential term.

If Maggie hadn’t quote-tweeted it we doubt we’d be talking about it all that much but she just couldn’t help herself.

The traditional media just keep on setting themselves up to fail over and over again.

Mollie Hemingway responded … in kind? Heh.

In other words, maybe Maggie just needs to calm TF down and think about what Falwell Jr. was really saying.

Granted, that would mean admitting the gross role the media have played in the Russian collusion hoax for the past two years but still.

Sometimes it seems that way … sometimes we’re not entirely sure what the Hell is going on with him.

They’re already trying.

And it has been fun.

Annoying but fun.

All day every day.


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