Tom Arnold hates Donald Trump so much that he’d rather vote for an actual Nazi.

No, we’re not making that up.

He said so himself … watch.

From Human Events:

Leftist actor Tom Arnold told a group of young conservatives outside Craig’s restaurant in Los Angeles that he would prefer to vote for an actual Nazi than endorse President Trump in 2020.

The bizarre, pro-Nazi tirade features Arnold speaking to the Vice President of X Strategies Michael Gruen.

“I would endorse a f*cking Nazi against Trump,” Arnold said to audible surprise from his sidewalk audience.

“Really, man?” asks Gruen, prompting Arnold to attempt to correct his endorsement of a political party that systematically murdered six million Jews.

Tom then goes on to claim Trump is the biggest Nazi … yeah.


You keep using that word, Tom. We’re not sure it means what you think it means.

We totally get that. Not sure if he’s funny or awkward.

Maybe that’s his new thing?

Yeah! *shakes fist*

Wait, what?

Something like that.

Yeah … what?

We’re going to go ahead and call BS on Tom’s poll.

Just sayin’.

Call it a hunch.

Editor’s note: Tom is honestly a fairly good sport considering he has yet to block this editor or Twitchy, and plenty of other Hollywood crybabies have. Looking at you, Alyssa Milano. We’re not saying Tom isn’t batsh*t, but kudos for having the cojones to stand by tweets even when we make fun of him. Now, about that intern gig … 


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